Sunday, March 8, 2009

Long time no write!

What a hectic couple of months Mark and I have had! His work has been crazy busy and I've had a bunch of extra stuff going on. Garrison had every illness in the book for a while, too. Now Spring is coming, we are all healthy, and life is slowing down, at least a little bit. Garrison had his 1st birthday, which has made Gabe ask several times a day when his birthday is (not til September!). Gracie is doing so well in school and loves being there. We did take time for a short mini-vacation to the Dells. The kids loved the water park and were very brave going down BIG water slides (not Garrison).

Gracie and Gabe at the Dells.

This was the day Gracie taught Garrison to ride these little scoot-a-long toys. He thought it was the funnest thing ever!

Gabe enjoying fondue on Valentine's Day

Gracie put together this stylish Valentine outfit for herself; zebra pants, purple high-heel boots, sequined heart shirt!

This is how I took Garrison outside to help take down Christmas decorations. Seemed like a great idea until he got the flu the other kids had had and threw up all over me!

Garrison is at such a fun age right now. He is almost always happy, more independent, sleeps well, and loves anything Gracie and Gabe are doing. Below is a picture of him enjoying the birthday cake!