Saturday, November 22, 2008

I think Garrison looks slightly like a lumberjack here.

Gabe Gustin, big game hunter.

Gracie and mom in our matching Purdy Panther shirts.

Not walking yet, but crawling and climbing all over the place.

This is Gabe's brown, fury alarm clock each morning. Gabe and Garrison are finally sleeping in the same bedroom and it is going very well. Mark and I are so happy to have our bedroom back to ourselves. No more creeping around trying not to wake the baby!

Gracie and Mariah all glammed up.

These are from right before Gabe's Preschool concert. He insisted on wearing the tie instead of the sweater I picked out. He was so excited about it and was a hoot to watch. His friend Cade (in the picture) didn't enjoy it so much, he cried through the whole thing!

2 of my men.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Fun

Here is our little Rock Star and James the Train! Despite the freezing weather and 30mph winds, the Gustin and Williams children had fun trick or treating. Gabe, who is afraid of everything these days, did not run into any really scary costumes, thank heavens or he may have been traumatized for life. Garrison just calmly took everything in and seemed to enjoy it.