Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Fun

Here is our little Rock Star and James the Train! Despite the freezing weather and 30mph winds, the Gustin and Williams children had fun trick or treating. Gabe, who is afraid of everything these days, did not run into any really scary costumes, thank heavens or he may have been traumatized for life. Garrison just calmly took everything in and seemed to enjoy it.


paulynn said...

Pamela, darling kids! Braxton was Tigger too!! I'll have to get Lyndz to post some pics of him and Tate the Frog! I love you all, I'll call soon.

Lyndsie and Brandon said...

What cute kids. Garrison is getting so big! I love the pictures of Gabe and Gracie with their pumpkins. Lookds like you guys had a great halloween. We love you!