Sunday, July 19, 2009

Gracie met her goal of earning enough money to pay for one cleft lip surgery through operation smile! She was very excited to donate, and wants to start saving for another surgery. Thanks to all family and friends who purchased brownies, cookies, or punch or gave donations. It truly will change the life of a child and their family.

Garrison is in a shoe phase! He loves shoes and steels them from everyone's closets, especially Gracie's. Her's have the most personality. Below he is in her purple, fake gemstone studded high heels, and then her rain boots. Above, he is in her Hannah Montana wig, but don't worry, he didn't like the wig so much. It was funny for a minute, then it bothered him and he wanted it off.

Gabe and I are headed to Idaho soon! He has been enjoying time with friends. He and Qadry are enjoying a good book here. Below he went fishing with Kade. I think they enjoyed the doughnuts as much as the fishing!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


` We are having a terrific summer, hope you are too! I'm teaching summer school half day and loving it. Gracie attends summer school, and the boys play a Sue's in the morning. Gracie and Gabe are doing a terrific job in swimming lessons and having a ton of fun. I am also enjoying the lessons. There are several other mom's I know and we get to hang out and visit. Garrison plays well with the other kids there.
Mark, Gracie and I took a mini vacation together to see Elly Scheuerell in a professional production of Annie in Missouri. She was an amazing Molly and stole the show! We couldn't have been prouder godparents! Gracie thought it was so cool to see Elly up on stage, and Elly showed her around backstage and introduced her to some of the cast. Gracie loved the Miss Hannagan (sp?) and all the orphans. I'm sure we will be seeing Elly in many more productions. Gracie and Elly were also so happy to see each other since Elly had been gone several weeks. I think that is the longest they have ever been away from each other. Garrison and Gabe got to spend the weekend with Sara (Saint Sara is what she should be called!) and the William's family. I'm sure she was plenty busy with her 3 children and my 2 boys!
Gabe and I will be heading to Idaho as soon as summer school is over, and Mark is taking Gracie and Garrison to visit the Iowa family. Other than that, we are just enjoying hanging out and playing. Mark's new job is going well and he gets the opportunity to help a lot in the community through his job which is making it very fulfilling for him.

Garrison has the Micheal Jordan tongue. Maybe a career in basketball is in his future, he certainly has the height!

Fishing with daddy and friend Marissa.

Here we are in Missouri.

Gracie and Elly, reunited!