Saturday, October 10, 2009

We are finally settling into the school routine. I love my class and teaching, but it is very hectic getting everyone everywhere each day! Gracie loves 1st grade. It is strange having her so close (3 doors down). Next year will be very weird when she is in my grade. Gabe is going to a new preschool and has learned so much already. He tries to do Gracie's homework each night, so we had to start giving him his own. Garrison is very happy at Sue's (he calls her Doe). He is talking so much and gets into everything he shouldn't. Mark and I are doing our best to keep up. There are valid reasons you should have children in your 20's not your 40's!

Gracie and Maya raced in their first mountain biking race. It was quite intense! They may not have come in first (or second or third...), but they were the most beautiful racers.

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for helping out with ALL those tatoos! We are still working to get the ones off her legs.

Happy 4th birthday Gabie! He loves being at his new school with Qadry.

He looks a little too comfortable on that elephant. Could he be republican? Yikes! Grandpa Paxman would be proud.

If you look closely at Gabe's face, you can see how he feels about the whole Bret Favre thing.

When we got out the Halloween decorations, Garrison was positive this was a hat.

Maybe a small Hugh Hefner (with better morals and values).

The new family car.

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