Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Gabe's theatrical debut

You have those moments when your children, who you have always thought were amazing, do something incredible you never expected. Gabe can be such a shy child, and to my knowledge has never wanted to be in front of a crowd. At preschool, they were putting on a play, Stone Soup. We were excited to see it, and knew even if Gabe refused to go on stage it would be very cute. What we didn't realize was that he had one of the main roles. He sang and acted and was quite a little ham. Mark and I kept looking at each other in shock. We really have to thank Mrs. Scholl (or super-teacher as we refer to her). Only she could have brought this out in him! I wish you all could have been there!

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paulynn said...

Pamela, Gabe is darling in those pictures! I wish we could have all seen it. I hope you got it on tape! We just got back from Cancun and had a great time. Now on to the wedding plans. We are so happy for Kolby and Lexi, she is wonderful! I hope you are all well tell everyone hi and that we love them! Love you! Paulynn